Growing Sarcochilus Orchids

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Growing Sarcochilus Orchids

8 - 25 C (40 - 80 F)

These little Australian gems are found in mountain gullies, outcrops and gorges as epiphytes and lithophytes where they are exposed to cool conditions and the roots are frequently flooded but they have swift drainage. In many ways they are like orchid alpines. They make very good houseplants as they remain compact growing and will thrive on a shady cool windowsill. They can have up to 15 flowers per raceme (spike) and as many as 5 racemes per plant. Some of the species and hybrids are also fragrant.

Light requirements

Sarcochilus don't need much light and prefer to be grown in a shady cool corner out of direct sunlight.

Watering requirements

These small compact growers are bulbless and so have no natural water store, as a result the plants don't like to be dry at the roots at any time, they don't like being sodden either! Keep the compost evenly moist at all times but avoid getting the crown of the plant wet during the winter months. They thrive on high humidity and good air movement.

Feeding requirements

The plants are light feeders and a general purpose plant food made can be applied from March to November at 1/8th the pack recommendation. Flush the pot out once a month with clean water to remove any unused plant food and salts which can build up in the compost.

Re-potting schedule

The plants should never be over potted as this can cause excess water to be retained in the pot causing some stagnation of the compost. Use a very swift draining compost such as a medium or even large grade mix containing some loose rock chippings for added drainage. Repotting should be undertaken bi annually in the spring as growth begins.

Here's some useful equipment you may need with summer on the horizon
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